Taking what Verizon calls the next step in its overall SDN strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions on Thursday introduced its AI-driven Software Defined Wireless Local Area Network for enterprises.

The wireless LAN managed solution, launched as part of Verizon’s Virtual Network Services portfolio, helps deliver visibility into both corporate wireless network operations and Bluetooth-enabled devices connected to the network, the company said.

Enterprises leveraging the solution can tailor services based on user need and location — and proactively address issues before they impact users — while controlling costs by using less hardware, according to Verizon. 

At the core of the SD WLAN is artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from Mist Systems, which enables automatic monitoring and management of the wireless LAN.

User and network data is analyzed in real time, then used to spot network choke points and unauthorized user access attempts, according to Verizon. The platform can also scale network resources up or down to meet demand.

“SD WLAN leverages the advanced intelligence and machine learning offered through Mist Systems’ platform to improve network management and operations while controlling costs,” Vickie Lonker, VP of product management and development at Verizon, said in a statement.

The platform also includes virtual beacon technology and next-generation location-based services that could enable targeted proximity messaging for deeper engagement with customer’s employees. The technology could also allow integration with IoT devices for location-based security and sensor controls.