At the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ericsson announced it’s teaming up with T-Mobile to deploy its Expert Analytics platform for the first time in North America.

T-Mobile will deploy the platform across its network and be able to gain insights into customers’ experiences across services including VoLTE, video calling over LTE, rich communications services and mobile broadband.  

VoLTE allowed T-Mobile to leverage more spectrum for LTE, as well as broad improved voice codecs and cover, giving T-Mobile customers a speedier network with “excellent voice quality,” the companies said.

“We’re the global leader, with 80 percent of all voice calls on our network over LTE,” T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray boasted in a statement. “And the Ericsson Expert Analytics platform enables us to resolve call-related issues in real-time, so we can keep delivering the awesome experience our customers have come to expect.”

According to the companies, the platform takes in data from thousands of multi-vendor sources and processes all nationwide VoLTE calls and data sessions to correlate and produce 8 billion records each day. Ericsson also has unique algorithms which will reportedly help T-Mobile zero in on VoLTE issues more quickly, including difficult to find issues like garbled voice, muting and one-way audio, and with greater granularity than traditional tools.

The platform analyzes data from any radio technology, 4G/WiFi/NB-IoT and any multi-vendor radio, packet core and IMS network.

“We continue to define and develop business rules and data models that operators can use to derive actionable insights from network data, with Ericsson Expert Analytics setting the industry standard for customer experience management,” Jan Karlsson, head of business area digital services at Ericsson, noted in a statement. “Our use cases take big data analytics out of the laboratory and into real-time operations, transforming how operators can deliver services for subscribers.”

T-Mobile intends to extend the platform across its organization, with initial deployment serving hundreds of engineering users. It supports real-time and offline analytics for use cases for customer care, operations, device analytics, IoT analytics and marketing.