AT&T bested its U.S. rivals in a new study of streaming video performance on wireless networks.

The report from Global Wireless Solutions found that AT&T led its overall rankings and finished first in the video reliability, picture quality and percentage of video freezing subcategories.

Videos streamed over AT&T's network were successfully completed 98 percent of the time and only froze 0.82 percent of the time.

The telecom giant also ranked second in video loading times, the fourth and final metric in the GWS analysis.

Verizon finished second overall despite coming in third in three categories — loading time, freezing and quality — and finishing second in stream reliability only.

T-Mobile, meanwhile, ranked third but led the major carriers in video loading times — at an average of 3.2 seconds — and finished second in freezes and video quality. The carrier ranked third in reliability.

Sprint finished in fourth place across all categories. Videos on Sprint's network loaded in nearly four seconds on average, froze 2 percent of the time and failed at an 8.5 percent clip.

GWS CEO Paul Carter said as forecasts indicate mobile video will generate a seven-fold increase in data traffic by 2023, the firm's study shows a gap between the carriers.

"Considering that mobile networks are underpinning a revolution in how consumers watch TV and video, this gap should be watched closely," Carter said in a statement.

GWS said its analysis included some 500,000 streaming video tests conducted while driving about 400,000 miles across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.