Federated Wireless recently announced a new program designed to assist companies in commercializing the CBRS spectrum band.

The Virginia-based company, which develops systems to enable spectrum sharing, said its Partner Program is a first for the industry and will enable operators to accelerate commercial deployments and meet increasing demand for wireless data.

The Citizens Broadband Radio Service, which comprises spectrum between 3.55 GHz and 3.7 GHz, is considered to be important to forthcoming 5G networks by industry and regulators alike. Federated Wireless officials said recent trials showed that "a common set of resources, as well as a dedicated support team, can dramatically improve OEM time-to-market."

"We are confident that by providing our partners with easy access to the resources they need, we will ultimately be contributing to the future success of CBRS through operational simplification," CEO Iyad Tarazi wrote in a blog post. "We truly believe that the future of wireless connectivity relies on shared spectrum, and CBRS is just the beginning."

The program would provide partner companies with access to a portal featuring a range of materials, including training modules, test scripts and new software releases.

Officials from telecom equipment giants Nokia and Ericsson said contributing to the program would help operators take full advantage of the CBRS band.

“The Federated Wireless Partner Program will help us to quickly align our product development cycle with standards as they continue to emerge, allowing operators to move quickly to commercial deployment this year by removing the time and cost of interoperability testing," said Mark Atkinson, Nokia Mobile Networks' VP of small cells, said in a statement.