Comcast hopes to test fixed wireless and mobile service within the Citizens Broadband Radio Service band its native Philadelphia beginning next month.

The cable giant filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission to conduct pre-commercial outdoor field trials in the 3.65 GHz to 3.7 GHz band under a one-year experimental license effective March 1.

The company told the agency the outdoor and indoor fixed and mobile testing would take place within a roughly four-mile radius of the city's downtown.

"The field test will evaluate coverage, throughput, and mobility of equipment and facilities operating in the CBRS band to obtain data and advance Comcast’s understanding of the full potential of the technology and equipment utilized in these experimental operations," the company wrote in the filing.

The trials would also evaluate prototype equipment in the CBRS band, including rooftop-mounted transmitters at current or former cell sites.

Comcast rolled out Xfinity Mobile wireless service last year under its agreement with Verizon — and with heavy reliance on the company's WiFi hotspots — but the company could also hope to use unlicensed or shared spectrum to bolster its service.

Nokia, meanwhile, filed an FCC application last year to demonstrate its small cell solutions in the CBRS band to Comcast.

The Comcast application was first reported by FierceWireless.