CBS is well on its way to exceed its 2020 subscriber goal, with CBS CEO Les Moonves saying Thursday that its over-the-top direct-to-consumer services already have nearly 5 million subscribers.

“That’s far beyond where we expected to be at this point,” Moonves said, talking about subscriber growth for its CBS All Access and Showtime OTT products on Thursday’s earnings call with analysts.

Moonves said it gives the company “great confidence” it will exceed its goal of 8 million combined subscribers by 2020.

He told analysts that the services provide a direct relationship with customers, which yields increasingly valuable audience data. It also enables CBS to attract the next generation of viewers Moonves said, with OTT viewers on average 20 years younger than broadcast and cable TV viewers.

The same goes for CBS’s direct-to-consumer news network CBSN, for which nearly 80 percent of the audience is between 18 and 49 years old, with an average age of 38.

That model has been so successful that CBS is launching two more direct-to-consumer services this year, Moonves said.

Later this month, just ahead of March Madness and The Masters, CBS Sports HQ will launch, providing 24-hour news highlights and analysis. This fall an Entertainment Tonight-branded entertainment news streaming service, will debut. Moonves said CBS thinks it can build a significant audience by making the offering free, ad-supported services with full mobile and On-Demand capabilities.

CBS can also leverage the services to cross promote its direct-to-consumer offerings to convert viewers into paying subscribers, according to Moonves.

“We’re setting ourselves up for the direct-to-consumer future,” Moonves said.

CBS All Access is also expanding into Canada in June, followed by Australia and then Europe.

Moonves noted that CBS is also involved in new programming bundles, citing deals with Hulu, YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, and Sony PlayStation Vue.

“These streaming services pay us more than we get from traditional bundles and they are having a bigger impact on our affiliate and subscription revenue all the time,” Moonves told analysts.

As CBS’s subscriber base grows, Moonves said the company is confident it will surpass its goal of $2.5 billion in retransmission and reverse comp revenue by 2020.

“In a nutshell, changing viewer habits are resulting in more subs for us and in higher rates,” Moonves explained.

For the fourth quarter, CBS reported $3.9 billion in revenue, up 11 percent due to increases in content licensing, distribution, affiliate and subscription fee revenues.