Signing up for Xfinity Mobile just got a little bit easier.

Comcast is now letting customers bring their own device when they sign up for its wireless service — rather than requiring them to buy a new one.

For now, only select unlocked iPhones are eligible, though Comcast said it expects to add more devices from different manufacturers later this year.  Potential customers must have an iPhone no older than the iPhone 5, and the service can support for models through the iPhone X, according to a compatibility checker on Xfinity Mobile’s website.

Since the cable giant's wireless service, which launched last May, relies partly on Verizon’s network, phones meant to connect to other networks might not work. Unlocked Verizon iPhones and newer iPhone models bought through Sprint can function on the service, but only the iPhone SE and iPhone 6 and 6s will work on T-Mobile or AT&T.

“With the introduction of BYOD, we now have a convenient way for iPhone users to switch to Xfinity Mobile and get access to the best 4G LTE network plus 18 million WiFi hotspots without having to purchase a new phone,” Rui Costa, VP of product management and customer experience for Xfinity Mobile, said in a statement. “We are committed to simplifying the mobile experience from the moment a customer signs up through activation and account management.” 

Customers can opt for a “by the gig” plan for $12 per GB of shared data across all lines on their account, or pay $45 per month per line for unlimited data.  

Comcast added it’s offering trade-ins for certain devices that don’t qualify for BYOD in order to bring down the cost of upgrading to a new device.