Apple reportedly acquired an augmented reality headset startup as the tech giant ramps up its ambitions in AR.

TechCrunch, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple acquired Vrvana for about $30 million. Vrvana designed the Totem headset — which drew positive reviews but never shipped to customers — and previously worked with companies such as Tesla, Audi and Valve Corp.

The Totem, according to the report, enables wearers to experience both augmented and virtual reality in a single device.

"Totem’s ability to produce truly opaque blacks and seamlessly blend the real world with the virtual enables the creation of unique mixed reality experiences so credible that your customers will actually believe that they are in the action," Vrvana writes on its website.

News of the deal came less than two weeks after Bloomberg reported Apple's goal of shipping its own AR headset as early as 2020.

Apple CEO Tim Cook views AR as more promising than virtual reality, and hundreds of Apple employees are already working on hardware and software to support the technology. Numerous Vrvana employees recently joined their ranks, TechCrunch added.

“Put simply, we believe AR is going to change the way we use technology forever,” Cook said on the company's latest earnings call.