Meredith Attwell Baker recently signed a five-year extension to continue as the president and CEO of wireless industry group CTIA.

The former FCC commissioner said in a statement she is "honored to represent the wireless industry at this critical time."

“It is such a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand how wireless is transforming our lives,” Baker said. “I’m proud of the work we have done together to build the commercial and regulatory foundation for the next-generation of wireless, 5G."

Rhode Island on Wednesday became the 39th state to opt into the FirstNet first responder network.

States have less than one week to either opt into the network, operated by federal contractor AT&T, or consider alternative bids. New Hampshire is the only state to indicate it will not join FirstNet.

Sequans Communications announced this week that its Monarch platform was validated by AT&T and "and is now ready to support module certifications."

The French company said that the Monarch chip comprises baseband, RF, power amplifiers and memory and is optimized in both hardware and software for designing Internet of Things devices.

“For our customers launching devices on AT&T’s network it means high quality, faster time to market, and an overall reduction in development time and cost for Monarch-based IoT modules and devices," said CEO Georges Karam.