Two wireless industry groups on Thursday announced a collaborative effort to develop the Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum band.

The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association and the CBRS Alliance hope to address technical challenges and accelerate commercialization of spectrum between 3.55 GHz and 3.7 GHz.

The groups plan to jointly develop standards, planning schedules and testing and certification practices for the band, which they said would curb redundancy and result in better end products.

Officials also plan to hold joint meetings and workshops and collaboratively determine nominees to committees.

"We will continue to work, as we have for years, to gain access to under-utilized spectrum bands and make them available for all kinds of operators and innovative uses," WISPA President Chuck Hogg said in a statement. "This agreement will help accelerate that process."

The Federal Communications Commission last month proposed increasing the length and geographic range of certain licenses in the CBRS band, which proponents said would spur development in the band and help build 5G networks.

"More than 50 companies from a broad range of wireless industry sectors have joined the CBRS band," CBRS Alliance president and Nokia executive Michael Peeters added. "We're looking forward to exploring ways to coordinate our common interests in the CBRS band and maximize cooperation on services offered both by members of the Alliance and WISPA."