Zone TV says it has developed and debuted 14 linear-like genre TV channels that are programmed using artificial intelligence and delivered OTT to set-top boxes.

According to the company, Zone TV licensed 70,000 new shows to create what it dubs ‘Dynamic Channels’ that are curated by humans, but augmented with AI to deliver a personalized viewing experience.

The genre of channels run the gamut from kid’s programming, to fitness, to sports.

Zone TV’s initial lineup includes: Mancave (content geared toward men); Great Outdoors; Motors; Level Up (eSports and gaming focused); Game On (action and specialty sports); Inform (interviews and documentaries); Brainiac (science and tech focused); Expression (a mix of comedy, dance, music, and entertainment); Foodies (cooking channel); Styler (lifestyle tips for women); Hangout (geared toward teen girls); Playground; My·zone (personalized channels with users’ favorite shows from all Zone TV channels); and Zone·tv (a sampling of all the programming offered by the Dynamic Channels).

Zone TV says the channels will be offered via the electronic programming guide of affiliated MVPDs and vMVPDs.

"This is revolutionary TV,” Jeff Weber, CEO of Zone TV, comments in a statement. “It is the future of television viewing, Zone·tv is the first pay TV programming to utilize artificial intelligence to enhance a linear-like channel. And most importantly it is truly dynamic in every sense of the word – for consumers, video producers, and distributors.”

Weber told CED Magazine that the company will be announcing affiliates for the brand new Dynamic Channels in the near future. However, Zone TV's current 28 SVOD and past seasonal channels can be found on affiliates including Comcast, DirecTV, and CenturyLink, among others.