The Predix Industrial Internet software development kit will now be available on iPhones and iPads, bringing the tool suite for industrial apps to platforms used by 700 million people globally.

GE and Apple announced the partnership on Wednesday. The Predix-iOS development kit will be released on Oct. 26 as part of GE’s Minds + Machines event.

“We are really taking these very complex industrial scenarios and bringing them together with the simplicity of the iOS experience,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, GE Digital’s executive vice president and corporate officer.

The partnership makes Predix more mobile, allowing factory workers and engineers to analyze machines in the field, input images using their phone or tablet, and communicate more quickly with colleagues working off-site. It’s an even trade for GE and Apple, with the computer giant adopting Predix as its analytics platform and GE encouraging use of Apple-brand mobile devices for their own workers.

GE’s flagship example of an app developed using Predix is Asset Performance Management Cases, which analyzes data from sensors in a power plant in order to flag machine parts that need to be replaced.

Expanding Predix to commonly used devices will add some convenience to the Internet of Things, as long as the people in the field find it useful. The best app for the platform as not yet been written, so software designers also have a chance to make a mark on the world of industrial apps. What do you think about the idea of using an iPhone to monitor your work space?

Real Time Digital Reporter