Image credit: Glenn McKechnie, Wikimedia Commons

Injection molding training and technology company RJG is now offering an online “Math for Molders” class to provide molders with foundational math skills relevant to field work and further study.

The eight-unit course takes an average of nine to ten hours to complete, but students can progress through each module at any pace suitable for them and their employer. . The course is geared toward not just calculating data, but also the specific use of that data for machines used in molding, as well as practical lessons in how to avoid common defects which could cause mold or machine damage.

Topics covered include how to calculate the area of shapes and how to calculate the total projected area of a shape at the parting line; how to calculate ratios, particularly as applied to screw design and intensification ratios for hydraulic machines; and how to calculate volumetric shot size or barrel capacity with a volume formula triangle. The course also includes force, pressure, and area calculations, averages, and percent change and percent variation, which can be used to calculate percent change of part weights and of actual and expected fill times.

Each of the eight units includes videos, animations, and practice activities, and can be replayed if needed.

RJG says that this course is appropriate both for beginners and for experienced molders who were not previously taught basic mathematical formulas.

For more information, visit RJG here. This course is offered only in English, and only online. Companies which may be looking for training in other languages may inquire with RJG about in-plant training in Spanish, Mandarin, German, and French.

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