Viaccess-Orca announced it is pre-integrating technologies and services from Tiledmedia, Harmonic, and Digital Immersion “to bring the most comprehensive and robust premium 360-degree video solution in virtual reality (VR) to CES 2017.” CES is set for Jan. 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Viaccess-Orca reports that the solution is designed to “dramatically improve video quality while maximizing bandwidth efficiency” and “the best-of-breed solution enables a wide range of monetization options, thereby addressing the most critical challenges faced by the nascent VR premium content industry.”

Tiledmedia’s Tiled VR Streaming has been integrated with Viaccess-Orca’s Connected Sentinel Player for secure playback. The player is said to protect VOD and live VR content on various devices, enabling service providers to comply with the security requirements of content owners. It is available with Microsoft PlayReady, Widevine, or with Viaccess-Orca’s proprietary DRM, and is reportedly approved by all major Hollywood studios.

The combined Tiledmedia VR Streaming and Connected Sentinel Player offers an advanced playback infrastructure for Viaccess-Orca’s end-to-end Virtual Arena solution, which also features technology and services from Digital Immersion that offers filming and post-production of 360-degree video. It also uses video compression and delivery technology from Harmonic.

IEEE is looking for volunteers from across industry, academia, and government to contribute to its newly launched 5G Initiative. It reports the initiative will be split into several working groups including the 5G roadmap project to identify short, mid-, and long-term research innovation, and technology trends. Additional groups will set to work on standards, educational materials, 5G training, publication contributions, and event organization for conferences such as the IEEE 5G Summits.

More info on volunteering is available here.

NeuLion announced a partnership with global Ultra HD channel INsight TV, to launch a new over-the-top (OTT) OTT Ultra HD entertainment platform with native ultra HD (UHD) digital content using the NeuLion Digital Platform. INsight TV is a reality, entertainment, and sports channel shot and produced in native UHD and creates and commissions non-scripted, long-form series.

NeuLion's clients include the NFL, Euroleague, NBA, UFC, and Eleven Sports Network. The 4K video ecosystem is delivered by the NeuLion Digital Platform at 50/60 frames per second to internet-connected 4K HDR devices coupled with the company’s 4K streaming CE SDK.

Jaunt rolled out its Jaunt VR App for the PlayStation VR (PS VR) system. Jaunt’s entire catalog including more than 150 VR experiences spanning travel, sports, music, film, horror, and more is available to download on all PlayStation 4 consoles.

For users with high-bandwidth internet connections, Jaunt for PS VR is said to offer “the same detailed video resolution and smooth low-latency head-tracking as Jaunt for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.” The VR app from Jaunt, including all content released to date, is available on PlayStation VR, iOS, Android, Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and major desktop browsers.