The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers and its global arm, the International Society of Broadband Experts announced a new option in cable workforce education and professional development with the introduction of its patent-pending, brain-based CORTEX Expert Development System (EDS).

During multiple sessions on the opening day of SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo 2016, SCTE/ISBE described how CORTEX and a key component, the CORTEX Mobile App, leverage SCTE/ISBE’s position within the cable ecosystem to create a systematic educational process that stimulates multiple parts of the brain and ensures deeper knowledge retention. The system uses multiple senses and social interactivity unique to SCTE/ISBE, enabling it to adapt to individual learning styles and ensure subject matter mastery, according to the Society.

Developed in conjunction with cable operator and technology Corporate Alliance Partners, CORTEX EDS is said to enable delivery of targeted learning and on-the-job support to the right learner, at the right time, in the right amount and format. The system has been specifically designed to align workforce training needs with organizational performance goals using the latest cognition and learning methodologies, allowing organizations to demonstrate impact and to maximize the ROI of training by drawing a direct line between learning and performance.

Key elements reportedly include:

  • A web-accessible portal that serves as a nexus for multi-faceted, multi-touch tools, including dynamic dashboards that show individual educational roadmaps, recommends development steps and tracks learning objectives
  • Access to SCTE/ISBE’s library of technical resources and training content developed in conjunction with the organization’s role as the standards development body for the industry
  • The CORTEX Mobile App, developed in conjunction with Infosys, that uses resources from SCTE/ISBE and technology partners such as Alpha Technologies, Arris, CommScope and ComSonics to extend learning and knowledge recall through interaction on the job site
  • Social learning opportunities available only within SCTE/ISBE’s community of members, chapters and technology partners.

“Formal training programs are only the beginning of the educational process — 80 percent of all learning happens on the job,” Reni Gorman, VP, learning and development for SCTE/ISBE, says. We’re working with our MSO and technology partners to create CORTEX EDS as a system that’s specifically designed to extend the cable learning experience into the field via a CORTEX Mobile App that contains exclusive tools, specifications, instructional content and social media components. With this holistic learning formula, cable operators can best position their workforce to drive customer satisfaction, customer retention and business results.”

CORTEX is an acronym standing for Curriculum Optimized for ROI and Technical Excellence. It’s currently in tests by operator partners. The system will be available exclusively to cable system operator members of the SCTE/ISBE Corporate Alliance Partner (CAP) Program in 2017.

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