Filmbankmedia, an international non-theatrical distributor for film and TV, selected SeaChange International’s Rave platform to launch streaming services for schools, hotels and hospitals with large, built-in audiences across 120 territories internationally. Using SeaChange for fully managed, cloud hosted services, Filmbankmedia’s streaming offering will reportedly deliver premium film and TV from Hollywood, Bollywood and independent studios for on-demand access on IP connected devices.

Rave allows Filmbankmedia to run a software as a service (SaaS) model business, which means that its business-to-business customers can “rapidly turn on streaming services without any infrastructure to own or manage.”

“This is a major step as we can now directly offer our customers a streaming service via the SeaChange Rave platform,” Filmbankmedia Sales Director Simon Culm says.  “The ability to provide our customers with a scalable, managed end-to-end streaming service without any technology or infrastructure investment gives us much greater flexibility over the distribution of our content, cost-effectively with a SaaS model approach.”

• CFL has launched the latest version of its mobile application, CFL Mobile, on iOS and Android that’s powered by technology from Ottawa-based You.i TV. In the new app, fans can view the live 3D game tracker, browse game by game player and team’s stats and watch a library of videos. The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

You.i Engine, an app experience platform from You.i TV, is the technology behind CFL Mobile. It’s built on the principles of a video game engine, a software platform used to deliver popular video games across devices through the graphical processing unit (GPU).  Using a single codebase to deliver interfaces through the GPU on any device, You.i Engine plugs directly into the Adobe After Effects, and exports design details directly into code.

“For CFL, that meant designers were free to define every aspect of the visual design, from the motion designs to the layout, without touching a single line of code,” the company notes in a press release.

Incognito Software Systems announced the latest version of its Broadband Command Center, an end-to-end device provisioning and management software offering multi-standard support from a single platform. New features and benefits including DOCSIS 3.1 support, DHCPv6 enhancements and lawful intercept platform.

The Broadband Command Center is said to dynamically detect DOCSIS versions and validates configuration files for these devices so that it supports the DOCSIS versions in use on the network. This reportedly guarantees that the configuration file is appropriate for all the hardware in the system from CMTS to cable modem so that services are accurately provided to the subscriber. “On top of the elimination of manual file creation that Broadband Command Center automatic file generation enables, it also creates a best-in-class performance, while acting as a fraud prevention measure and limiting subscriber quality of experience (QoE) issues,” Incognito says.

On the IPv6 front, Broadband Command Center now supports the reporting of DHCPv6 packets to let operators monitor and troubleshoot their network in the Broadband Command Center User Interface for both IPv4 and IPv6. This also allows operators to monitor the status of IPv6 resources in the network by sharing the utilization figures with IP Address Management (IPAM) systems, including Incognito’s Address Commander.

The Central Lease Service extension automatically gathers and centralizes data about lease utilization to help operators conform to lawful reporting requirements and discover service theft. It detects duplicated or spoofed DOCSIS devices in the network and is able to ban those fraudulent devices in Broadband Command Center. This service is said to save the operator from manual data mining and analysis, as well as preventing unnecessary loss of operator revenue, while enhancing the QoE for paying subscribers with a less crowded network.

Adtran is reporting that its turnkey Network Design Services program has enabled its national and regional service provider customers to reduce deployment times by up to 50 percent as they look to deliver broadband services to rural America and meet the deployment deadlines associated with the Connect America Fund (CAF) I and II deadlines.

“One of the biggest challenges service providers face when scaling residential services is the time and resources associated with planning, pre-provisioning and deploying new equipment,” Rick Schansman, Adtran’s SVP, global services and support, says. “At Adtran, we’re committed to helping our customers maximize the CAF programs to best serve their broadband subscriber base by fully leveraging this opportunity to expand the range and reach of their services to ensure that everyone has the access they need when they need it.”

CAF was created by the FCC to accelerate broadband build-outs to the approximately 23 million Americans who don’t have access to infrastructure capable of providing a minimum of 10/1 Mbps fixed broadband speeds. Adtran’s Network Design Services program reportedly enables service providers to outsource the broadband build. As part of the program, Adtran’s team conducts an inventory of network assets and infrastructure topology, develops a comprehensive site plan, tests interoperability and systems and designs a network upgrade path.

Evergent Technologies and Cisco announced a collaboration that brings together the Evergent cloud-based Subscriber Management solution, which is deployed in over 150 countries and the Cisco Infinite Video technology launched at IBC 2015, which helps service providers, media and entertainment companies deliver content direct to consumers. At IBC 2016 starting this week in Amsterdam, Cisco and Evergent will jointly demonstrate an end-to-end solution.

"Evergent's carrier grade, cloud-based Subscriber Management system provides extensive functionality and a rich set of APIs that enable fast deployment of OTT services," Rajeev Raman, senior director, service provider video software at Cisco, says. "Evergent works with the world's largest carriers and broadcasters and brings deep domain experience to the table."

Vijay Sajja, Evergent CEO, adds that OTT video is rapidly becoming a strategic imperative for mobile carriers, broadband providers, cable operators, broadcasters and content owners. "Companies around the world are eager to quickly launch OTT services and looking for an end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy, monetize, manage and scale," Sajja says.