Canadian telecommunications and media company Bell said it has conducted the first trial of 5G technology north of the border.

In a Friday announcement, Bell said it teamed up with Nokia to trial 5G technology at its Wireless Innovation Center in Mississauga. The test utilized spectrum in the 73 GHz range and achieved “sustained data speeds more than six times faster than top 4G mobile speeds now available in Canada,” the company said.

"Bell is working closely with Nokia and our other partners in North America and worldwide to create the network, device and application ecosystem required to ensure Canadians will be able take full advantage of the 5G opportunity," Bell's Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President Stephen Howe said. “The success of the first 5G trial means we are well positioned to lead the way to the next generation of mobile technology.”

The announcement comes as top U.S. wireless carriers race to be at the forefront of 5G technology.

In the United States, Nokia has already partnered with all four of the major carriers – including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile –  on 5G testing, as well as C Spire.

As with Bell, Nokia’s trial with Sprint at the Copa America soccer tournament in June utilized a millimeter wave system running at 73 GHz. That test achieved speeds of 2.3 gbps with latency of about one millisecond.

A separate test with C Spire at the end of last month yielded similar results, with speeds of 2.2 gbps and latency below 1.4 milliseconds.