Abcs sistem, a start-up company based in Slovenia, has developed a turn signal cancellation system for motorcycles which it claims is an improvement upon other modern signal cancellation systems. The device is shown to the bottom right of the motorcycle pictured. (Image: Abcs Sistem)

Forgetting to take the turn signal off after making a lane change or turn is an occurrence that we’ve all seen or been responsible for. This irksome error could one day be less prevalent—at least on motorcycles—due to a system developed by a Slovenian start-up.

In a Tuesday press statement, Abcs sistem announced its Smart Turn System, a technology that detects a forgotten turn signal, which it then cancels autonomously, saving surrounding motorists from a potential state of driving limbo.

The diminutive Smart Turn System is wired into a motorcycle’s turn signal system. Using embedded sensors, the device captures data used to evaluate the movement of the motorcycle, like its lean angle, heading, vibrations, and acceleration. Once all of that information has been compiled, the system decides whether or not the running turn signal is necessary.

Turn signal cancelation systems already exist, however Abcs sistem said its technology is an improvement over those modern technologies.

"Unlike other systems that rely on timers and simple sensors to automatically cancel turn signals, the STS uses several pieces of information and a complex algorithm to accurately determine if the rider has completed a turn or lane change,” said Miha Kovač, CEO of Abcs sistem, according to the statement.

After spending two years developing Smart Turn System, Abcs will make the device available for preorder in April. After the preorder peroid, the device will be given a retail price of 149€, or roughly $168.

Real Time Digital Reporter