The 3D printing community Pinshape has teamed up with 3DPrinterOS to allow users to stream designs from the Pinshape marketplace directly to their desktop printer at home.

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Pinshape allows users to browse and rate 3D printer designs in its online marketplace. The new partnership is intended to make the “click to print” experience seamlessly fast, going directly from browser to printer with the help of 3DPrinterOS.

Pinshape CEO and co-founder Lucas Matheson said that one thing which sets Pinshape apart is that it isn’t affiliated with any particular hardware maker. This means that designs found on Pinshape can be sent to printers of many kinds, and it also assuages intellectual property worries, since the direct browser-to-printer experience removes the need to access the design source file.

“3DPrinterOS was able to provide the missing link to streamline the printing experience for our users”, said Matheson. “This integration is an important and much needed step in expanding the value of printable models on our platform. Now, companies and brands can market 3D models securely, at the same time, we can deliver a simple print experience straight from the cloud to the 3D printer.”

“This partnership is a great step forward as designers are now able to finally unleash their incredible work to the world in a secure and compatible way across multiple platforms,” said John Dogru, 3DPrinterOS CEO. “Our goal is to radically increase adoption of 3D Printing and this means a future where 3D Printing simply means clicking print for any type of printer.”

The combined system was announced and demonstrated at the Collision conference held in Las Vegas on May 5 and 6. Pinshape was the only 3D printing marketplace present at the event, and was also selected to compete in the PITCH startup competition.