Sprint might be prepping the addition of 9000 LTE sites to its network if a report from are to be believed. 

Citing anonymous sources from inside Sprint, S4GRU reports that the new sites will include the lighting up of 1,100 decommissioned iDen sites; 1,600 sites devoted to high roaming areas; 800 dual-band exurban and suburban sites; 500 tri-band sites in urban and suburban areas for infill coverage; 5,000 new urban and suburban TDD-lTE 2600 "Spark" only sites. 

The report does not mention the mix of macro and small cell sites.

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Sprint has apparently already approved and funded two smaller, regional projects, but the remaining 8,000 are reportedly still looking for funding and won't be announced until financing has been secured. 

Sprint declined to comment on the report. 

The news comes as shares of Sprint were up over 7 percent to $4.96 in afternoon trading Thursday. 

Sprint just last week announced that it would offer $1 billion in senior notes to fund future network expansion. () 

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