This crowdfunded, handheld wand purports to reduce headaches and stress.

The Headdoc, developed by Kencap Medical Solutions, has raised $3,223 out of its $10,000 goal on Indiegogo as of Feb. 5.

(Credit: Kencap Medical Solutions)

The device, designed over two years by Kencap founder Amir Porat, is designed to “press away” headaches. It uses a three-pronged approach – negative ions, vibration for a massage therapy, and red light photo-therapy. The Indiegogo page recommends the device as a relief for stress as well as for headaches.

It is designed to be pressed against the forehead, with all three techniques in use at the same time. Massage therapy is meant to relax the user, red light phototherapy to rejuvenate skin and promote a healthy metabolism, and negative ions to provide a calming atmosphere.

Kencap Medical Solutions brands itself as a creator of single use medical devices. They also developed the Eardoc, a device designed to help ear aches using vibration, and a variety of other plastic and stainless steel medical instruments.

The funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign will go toward final design and tooling, purchasing raw materials, manufacturing tools and molds required for production, establishment and testing of the first testing run, and final production. The component technologies are already approved for use by the FDA and EU, Kencap said.

The Indiegogo campaign ends on March 10, with the goal of having the first devices distributed by July.

Another migraine-reducing headband, the Cefaly, was approved by the FDA in March of 2013. This prescription-only device uses an electrical current applied to the skin and underlying body tissues to stimulate the trigeminal nerve.