The smart faucet in GE's Home 2025 not only dispenses filtered water, but also ice and carbonated water, vitamins and various beverages. Just place your finger on the faucet and the built-in hydration sensor lets you instantly see your hydration level. Courtesy of: GE.

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With the in-sink dishwasher in GE's Home 2025, wash small loads in just 5 minutes. Integrated sensors in the sink alert you when chemicals or bacteria are present in your produce, so you can keep washing your produce until the readout says the contaminants are gone. Courtesy of: GE.

In GE's Home 2025, it's easy to turn your food disposal into compost mode and create compost pellets. Courtesy of: GE.

Packed in a 27-inch-wide design, the oven in GE's Home 2025 exhibit combines the efficiency of an induction cooktop, Advantium Speedcook oven, sensor cooking, and a traditional thermal oven into a single unit. The interchangeable and integrated induction accessories allow for unlimited and exciting culinary exploration, as well as more cabinet space when stored in the integrated storage drawer below. No longer confined to predetermined burner locations, pots and pans can be placed anywhere you see fit. Cooking is now more collaborative and connected when using your smart phone to monitor the status from the comfort of your sofa. Courtesy of: GE.

Imagine virtual experts who can help you learn to cook from the convenience of your own home or prepare great meals with friends around the country virtually. In GE's home of the future, improvements to voice recognition, motion plus facial recognition and deep-thinking technology will create "human" simulations of experts in fields like cooking. Sensors in kitchen appliances, as well as virtual cooking tutors will give instructions tailored to your skill level and interests, so meals come out perfect every time. Friends and family can even share a celebrity chef experience with a replica of a famous maestro giving instructions to make it more of a party than lesson. Courtesy of: GE.

The laundry machine in GE's Home 2025 displays a virtual closet for you to choose items from, even suggesting matching outfits or clothing based on weather. You can even plan your entire wardrobe for the week. Courtesy of: GE.