Bridging the gap between real-world advertisements and the rich digital lives of today"s consumers has proved to be an elusive target in advertising. But mobile marketing company Smartsy may have the smart software to build this bridge.

Smartsy is one of four firms competing in the Meow Mix Startup Spotlight Series. The four startups will take turns pitching their services to a panel of judges and the winner will gain the chance to bring their ideas to the heads of Meow Mix themselves.

We"ve seen QR codes creep into the offline space with mixed results. But Smartsy has created image recognition software that doesn"t require a QR eyesore to springboard consumers into the virtual world. Backed with a deep content management system to make sure users have a rich media experience wherever they are, on any device.

The keystone for Smartsy"s system is the powerful image recognition software that can be triggered from a large array of images. The feature points technology can recognize 2D images as well as 3D objects.

A digital experience can be triggered by the image of a car in a magazine ad or the side of a cereal box. Shop signs can be triggers, as well as 3D store items, the texture patterns on bags or clothes, even outdoor building and monuments.

The software can also identify any TV show, commercial or movie off a screen. Not only would it make for a great movie ID app but the technology can also deliver additional offers with ads, sign-up prompts, or lead-ins to help viewers share to social media.

Helping consumers take that leap into the Web is great, but companies can still lose out on their dollars if those users don"t have a good experience when they land in the digital world. But Smartsy also provides a self-service Content Generator CMS to help companies create their own engaging apps.

The generator has a simple UI allowing users to create powerful apps without having to write code. Companies are able to add all the sounds, video and images they want to make sure customers are engaged the second they land in the app.

Generated apps also come pre-connected to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to help customers share their experiences. Smartsy provides analytics to track the performance of mobile apps and give companies an insight into which platforms and functions are working best.

Smartsy"s app for consumers also gives them the ability to collect their favorite brands and objects. With just a snap and a click, fans of brands stay connected to the things they love and can share to social media through the app as well. Once an object in in their collection, they can be contacted by brands, publishers or other fans.

Smartsy also offers software development kits and an API to give any app its visual recognition technology along with collections, social interaction and its other services.

Does Smartsy have the smarts to stand in the spotlight? We"ll see in the Meow Mix Startup Spotlight Series Thursday, March 27 at 10:30 a.m.

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