Dr. Rita Bowser of Westinghouse Electric Company was hosted by the Department of Nuclear Engineering Oct. 28-30 as part of the Texas A&M ADVANCE Speaker Series. During her visit, she gave three seminars. The first was hosted by the Texas A&M Women in Nuclear chapter on Monday, Oct. 28. The second was a technical talk with the topic of "Nuclear Power: A Journey of Continuous Improvement," and had an attendance of over 80 from the department and College of Engineering. Finally, her third topic was a gender-equity talk on Oct. 30 titled "It's OK to Wear Earrings to a Board Meeting (and Other Myths Exposed)." All of her talks were well-received in the department by students, faculty and staff.

Bowser talk 2Dr. Bowser is a Vice President for Westinghouse Electric Company. She is supporting the Americas Region responding to nuclear utility needs in a post-Fukushima environment. She is leading the core team to improve the global nuclear safety culture within Westinghouse. She recently led the development of a post-Fukushima Westinghouse strategy for a key segment of the nuclear fuel cycle. She brings her experiences from the Three Mile Island recovery and Chernobyl accident, as well as over 30 years of nuclear experience to this role. She comes to the Americas role after serving as the Regional Vice President - South Africa for Westinghouse Electric Company. Her responsibilities included managing Westinghouse's business in South Africa, by integrating Westinghouse's global nuclear network through a local delivery model. Dr. Bowser served on the Boards of Westinghouse Electric South Africa (WE-SA), and the Board of American Chamber of Commerce. She was a founding member and served on the Board of the Nuclear Institute of South Africa (NIASA). Dr. Bowser is a founder and Executive Sponsor of Women in Nuclear-WE-SA. She also served on the Westinghouse European & South African Leadership Council. 

Rita Bowser talk

Prior to her assignment in South Africa, Dr. Bowser served as the Vice President for Strategy for Westinghouse’s European Fuel Business and was also the Head of the AGR & VVER Fuel Business in the UK. She previously served as President and CEO of BNFL Fuel Solutions (a Westinghouse/BNFL subsidiary) – a dry cask storage business for used nuclear fuel and nuclear plant decommissioning. Prior to working for Westinghouse, Dr. Bowser worked on commercial nuclear and spent fuel and decommissioning programs across the globe. She also worked for more than a decade at the Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant in radiation protection and radiochemistry. Dr. Bowser received her DBA from the American University of London, an MSME in Heath Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BS in Mathematics from Clarion University. She currently serves on the board of the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Nuclear Society, and the Executive board of the Moraine Trails Boy Scout Council. She is a Registered Radiation Protection Technologist, a Certified Industrial Safety Instructor, a Patron of the American Nuclear Society, a member of Women in Nuclear, is a past Secretary of the NC Health Physics Society.

The department would like to thank Dr. Rita Bowser for her time and involvement with the department! 

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