INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Electric motorcycles will hit the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday for the eight-lap FIM eRoadRacing World Cup.

"I think it's a great idea and it's a great venue, and that's been evidenced by the amount of fans and interest," Brammo team manager Brian Wismann said. "This is the world center of racing and this is new technology, new racing, exciting racing. It only makes sense for it to be here."

Adrian Stewart, Brammo's director of marketing, says it's just a matter of time before electric bikes become more mainstream.

"Oil is a non-renewable resource, so electricity offers zero emissions, low noise, low cost and is every bit as fast and exciting as a gas bike," Stewart said. "Right now, we are cleaner and as fast as gas. Very soon, we will be cleaner, faster and cheaper."

Brammo will be well represented Sunday. Shane Turpin took the pole, and Eric Bostrom will start second. Shelina Moreda will start seventh out of eight riders.

For those who think the quieter bikes aren't real motorcycles, Ted Rich, who qualified fourth on a Zero S, disagrees.

"This is no Prius," he said. "It's a high-performance motorcycle right off the shelf just like R6 or any of the gas Supersport bikes. This is a real motorcycle. You could ride it to work every day, you can race it out here. It's ready for prime time. It's very unique, too."