A handy tool for the enterprise arrives today in the form of mobile expenses service Abukai integrating Dropbox’s cloud storage capabilities with its receipt translating function.

The new Dropbox functionality allows users to automatically back up the expense reports they generate. When a user takes a photo of a receipt with their smartphone, Abukai extracts the info, places it into an expense report and then uploads a back-up to that user’s Dropbox account.

Wait, you just take a picture of the receipt? It’s that easy? Abukai CEO Philipp Schloter said it is.

“You take a picture of the receipt. You don’t need to tap anything in and then there’s the second button called ‘Process My Expense Report,’” said Schloter. “It’s sort of our magic button.”

The app can calculate international exchange rates as well as fill in information regarding the vendor and the location. In addition to the expense reports, Abukai also gives you a PDF with all the scanned images. Schloter added that the app has the option of integrating with existing corporate expense and accounting portals.

In regards to questions about security, Schloter explains that all info is SSL encrypted and added that receipts are probably safer in the cloud than in your pants pocket.

“The other thing to think about is that currently people carry these receipts in their wallets,” Schloter said. “Wallets aren’t very safe.”

Abukai has also announced that its application is now available in the Google Apps store, linking directly to the Abukai portal and cutting out the need to further credential verification. It's also available for iOS and BlackBerry.

Additionally, Abukai has just opened up LinkedIn integration within its app, allowing users to leverage that social network to let contacts know when an expense report has been processed.

Basically, even before its recently extended functionality, Abukai really is easy as taking a picture. It’s like an Instagram for expense reports.

“I like that one,” Schloter said.