At Georgia Tech, investing in research is a top priority. As part of that commitment, the Office of Industry Engagement — part of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) — has developed four contract mechanisms that enable industry to engage with Georgia Tech researchers at all stages of R&D.

Known as the "industry contract continuum," these agreements were crafted to streamline the contracting process and provide straightforward intellectual property terms for companies engaging in collaborative research.

The four contracting mechanisms are:

  • Basic Research: Explore fundamental challenges in a technical area
  • Applied Research: Identify solutions to real-world challenges
  • Demonstration: Improve an existing technology
  • Specialized Testing: Test new and existing products

Members of GTRC are available for town hall meetings with interested faculty to discuss the issues related to intellectual property, patenting, contracting, and non-disclosure agreements. To arrange for such a meeting, contact Jilda Garton or Kevin Wozniak.