IBM has, according to a media report interest in a prime cut of the ailing BlackBerry vendor RIM . IBM has put out feelers for an informal takeover of the company’s business of Research In Motion (RIM), the financial news agency Bloomberg reported on Friday. The division operates primarily used by many companies, the e-mail service from Blackberry. Give interested parties for RIM as a whole or the mobile phone production, it does not, however, it said, citing people briefed.

BlackBerry 10

RIM is currently in a severe drought. Devices with the next operating system BlackBerry 10 do not occur next year on the market. The current models can not with Apple’s iPhone and smartphones using the Google OS Android to keep up. In the last quarter, the share of RIM dropped the smartphone market, according to calculations by the market researcherIDC to 4.8 percent – a year ago the figure was 11.5 percent.

Originally from Germany RIM CEO Thorsten Heins had announced to examine all options for the company. These include a sale or assignment of BlackBerry licenses to other companies. This week was about a possible interest from Samsung has been speculated, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, however, rejected this.

Business Services

IBM had in the past few years, the focus increasingly shifted towards the computer business to business services. This e-mail server BlackBerry would fit well. It is unclear how valuable the remainder of RIM would be. The company has worked with the BlackBerry Messenger BBM and consumers as clients and also offers mobile phones at low price range.

RIM had sat too long on his classic e-mail phones with large keys and small screen and was overtaken by iPhone and Android. Heins is hoping for salvation through the next operating system, and lowers costs in the meantime. Thus, almost one third of the jobs will be eliminated. The launch of the first devices with BlackBerry had 10 but only recently are from the end of this year moved to early 2013.