Fractal Antenna Systems Inc. announced successful demonstration of the world’s first practical invisibility cloak, at microwave frequencies. The device clearly shows the ability to “see through to the other side” for large, 3-Dimensional objects, thus rendering them invisible over a wide frequency range.

    “It’s just what Harry Potter would want”

Previous invisibility cloaks were laboratory prototypes that commonly cloaked paperclips, thimbles, plastic cylinders, or small objects, and held no hope as practical devices. Also most cloak claims place the object in shadow, or render them black, so they block the view to the other side. In contrast, the firm’s new invisibility cloak, which leads the convention for true invisibility, is not powered and has no restriction of object placement. “It’s just what Harry Potter would want,” said inventor, Nathan Cohen.

The invisibility cloak is built of tiny fractal patterns placed closely together, using a technique first reduced to practice by the firm in 2008.

FRACTAL’s new 3D invisibility cloak is patent-pending, and is expected to have many practical applications for “co-site” issues, for example. Also, the cloak clearly indicates the technology can be used for infrared and visible light wave lengths.

The new cloak was recently publicly demonstrated to visitors from Radio Club of America and will be shown at public seminars in coming months.

A video of the new cloak can be seen at