ECN recently had the chance to interview Jeff Jussel, Senior Director of Technical Marketing, at Newark element14 regarding their new distribution deal with Freescale Semiconductor. element 14 is the only distributor to accept pre-orders for Freescale's Freedom development platform. See the transcript below.

ECN: Please explain the terms of element 14’s distribution deal with Freescale Semiconductor.

Jeff Jussel: element14 was selected by Freescale to be the only distributor to take pre-orders for its low cost Freedom development platform for the new Kinetis L series 32-bit MCUs. Engineers worldwide can place a pre-order at now (or at in North America) to assure that they will have first access to this innovative technology when it becomes available in September.

ECN: How does element 14 feel about partnering with an OEM with the storied history of Freescale?

Jeff Jussel: We are, of course, delighted to partner with Freescale to introduce the groundbreaking Kinetis L technology to design engineers. Recently, we developed the popular XL Star development board with them under the element14 brand, and with a price point under $15, we expect the global Freedom board launch to be even bigger.

ECN: How will element 14’s pairing with Freescale benefit the design engineer?

Jeff Jussel: Newark element14’s suppliers can gauge and build awareness and demand for new products through the community, which serves as a hub for our engineering customers to speed adoption of the latest technologies. Engineers can find complete technical information about the Kinetis L series platform and silicon, discuss ideas for using the technology with fellow engineers, get technical support from our embedded specialists, buy best in class electronic parts, access design tools….even get quotes from carefully vetted prototyping services.

ECN: What advantages does the Freescale Freedom development platform offer over competitors’ products and services?

Jeff Jussel: There is nothing like Freescale’s 32-bit Kinetis L-series currently available in the market. It will be the industry’s most energy-efficient MCU, and the first to be built on the ARM Cortex-MO+ processor. This is groundbreaking technology, and it will enable users of legacy 8-and 16-bit architecture to migrate to 32-bit platforms without increasing power consumption and cost or sacrificing space.

The applications for this technology include, but are certainly not limited to small appliances, gaming accessories, smart meters, lighting and power control. It will be very interesting to see what engineers come up once they can evaluate the technology using the development board in September.

ECN: When can engineers begin to sample the Freescale Freedom development platform?

Jeff Jussel: We expect to begin shipping the board in September.