Traffic fatalities in , are at zero and dangerous collisions are down significantly at the 17 intersections equipped with red-light cameras from American Traffic Solutions, a new Police Department analysis shows. The report on camera effectiveness found red-light running crashes decreased 65% in the first year with cameras in use and 54% in the second year, providing new evidence in support of the positive change red-light cameras bring to a community.


The crash reductions show the direct contribution cameras make to road safety because they reduce the most dangerous type of collision, the T-bone or angle crash which most often results in injury or death. Another indicator of improved safety on the streets is the steady decline in the number of citations issued since cameras became operational.

"Red light cameras are clearly working in to modify driver's behavior when it comes to intersection safety," ATS President and CEO James Tuton said. "The most satisfying finding in the report is the sharp decline in collisions and injuries caused by crashes due to someone running a red light."

For the study, police reviewed more than 2,500 case reports, and presented results to the Board of Police Commissioners. The three-year analysis compares crash and violation statistics from the first full year before each of the city's 29 cameras were installed with the two successive years since installation. The last camera became operational on . Since the cameras came online at different times, different starting points were used for each location.

Notable findings within the report include:

  • At the intersection with the most collisions before cameras were installed, crashes decreased from nine to zero in the first year after installation to one in the second year, a decrease of 100% in year one and 89% in year two.
  • Violations in the first year with cameras to the second decreased 33% from 68,777 to 45,793.
  • From , when the program was fully deployed, through , every month has had fewer citations issued than the same month of the previous year.
  • 92% of drivers receiving a citation did so only once; 99% only received two or less based on license plates. This low rate of repeat offenders suggests a change in driver behavior.
  • Driver inattention and poor weather were the most frequent causes of rear-end crashes. Overall, police rejected 20 percent of all violations they reviewed for possible citation.

In 2011, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that two-thirds of the persons killed in red-light running collisions are not the offender. To see the dangers inherent to red-light running in , the Police Department has posted videos of crash and near crash events from intersections drivers pass through every day. See the images at (

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