The Attwood Award is given to an individual who has made notable contributions to CIGRÉ over an extended period of time to honor the contributions and memory of Frederic Attwood, who, with J. Tribot Laspiere of France, foresaw the need for an international organization in the field of high-voltage power engineering. CIGRÉ, founded 1921, is organized in more than 80 countries. Texas A&M and the electrical engineering department host the Secretariat office of the U.S. National Committee of CIGRÉ. Russell is vice president of USNC CIGRÉ.

Russell, the Harry E. Bovay Jr. Endowed Chair, is a nationally recognized electric power engineer. His specialty is the automation, control and protection of power systems.

"This award underscores not only your outstanding technical and professional contributions to this major international organization, but also your efforts to help increase Texas A&M University's visibility in the important area of evolving power systems," said Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin in a congratulatory letter.

Other honors for Russell include being elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and chair of the NAE's Electric Power and Energy section, and being named a Fellow of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.

Russell is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of England. He also is a Fellow of the National Society of Professional Engineers and past president of the IEEE Power and Energy Society. Russell previously held the J.W. Runyon Professorship and is a Regents Professor. He is a recipient of the Association of Former Students University-level Distinguished Achievement Award in Research and formally served as executive associate dean of the Dwight Look College of Engineering, associate vice chancellor of The Texas A&M University System and deputy director of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.

CIGRÉ is a non-governmental international association based in France. CIGRÉ aims to facilitate and develop the exchange of engineering knowledge and information between engineering personnel and technical specialists in all countries as regards generation and high-voltage transmission of electricity.