EPCOS Application Guide 2012 TDK-EPC, a group company of TDK Corporation, has published the EPCOS Application Guide 2012 – Electronic Components for Automotive Convenience Applications.

The 24-page, full-color brochure features:  

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (CTVS) – Cera Diodes
  • Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors (CTVS) – MLVs and SHCVs
  • Ferrites
  • Film Capacitors (medium power)
  • Microwave Ceramic Filters
  • NTC Thermistors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • PTC Thermistors
  • SAW Components
  • Transformers
  • Varistors

These components are suitable for:  

  • Additional heating systems
  • Air conditioning, ventilation
  • Body control modules (including door, roof, and seat control)
  • Car alarm systems
  • Car navigation systems / telematics
  • Climate control units
  • Communications and reception systems
  • Dashboard systems
  • Entry systems
  • Immobilizer systems
  • Parking systems
  • Rear camera systems
  • Small motor drives
  • Wiper control systems

Design engineers can quickly locate detailed information, including:  

  • Special features
  • Product photographs
  • Technical data
  • Ordering codes

This publication is part of a library of automotive application guides that cover convenience, safety, powertrain and e-mobility applications.

PDF files of this and the other application guides may be downloaded free at .