By Eric Carmes – 6WIND Founder and CEO

This week, 6WIND announced 6WINDGate™ Cloud Edition, an extension to its 6WINDGate software product line that addresses the needs of cloud infrastructure providers (Press Release).

In this post, I would like to explain why 6WIND, having become the #1 supplier of high-performance networking software for LTE infrastructure, will address the needs of cloud network infrastructure providers and how 6WINDs solution is uniquely positioned for this market.

6WINDGate has been very successful in the LTE infrastructure market for the following two reasons

  • The rapid adoption of new mobile terminals able to provide a large range of new applications has driven the need for more bandwidth and low latency in the network; there is strong momentum for deploying a new generation of mobile infrastructure equipment. LTE is now a de facto standard and recent market studies forecast a faster deployment than initially expected.
  • Thanks to multicore technology and dedicated network software architectures like 6WINDGate, software solutions (Software-Defined Networks) have demonstrated that they can meet the performance requirements for LTE infrastructure while providing flexible, scalable and rich services in anticipation of the next mobile Internet killer apps, all at an affordable cost.

TCO, performance, flexibility and scalability are also key requirements for data center network requirements. The explosion in cloud traffic has led to major CAPEX and OPEX challenges. Software-as-a-Service and server virtualization are causing unprecedented performance stress on network infrastructures that are not flexible enough to provide on-demand network services.

"Network virtualization" and "Network-as-a-Service" concepts have been heavily debated after some recent, exciting industry announcements:

  • How can CAPEX and OPEX be reduced by using server platforms to deploy virtual network appliances instead of expensive and inflexible physical appliances?
  • How can the on-demand server model be replicated to monetize network bandwidth and services?
  • How can simpler and more flexible management of network resources be achieved within reasonable cost?

I strongly believe that Software-Defined Networks will transform both mobile and cloud infrastructures. A range of technologies will be required to create the complete solution (new generation of switches, network virtualization platforms, network controllers and network-aware orchestrators). As part of these innovative technologies, 6WINDGate brings pivotal added value. It is the packet processing software foundation that will accelerate the deployment of high performance virtual network appliances and elastic networks by providing:

  • A flexible software architecture and rich Layer 2 through Layer 4 services (firewall, security, QoS, TCP and SSL termination, mobility etc.).
  • No performance penalty for packet processing in virtualized applications.
  • Service elasticity thanks to the dynamic configuration of cores when deploying Network-as-a-Service.
  • Integration with cloud orchestrators to efficiently manage network resources.

6WINDGate is available now and providers of cloud network infrastructure can immediately benefit from technology that Tier-1 telecom equipment manufacturers have successfully deployed over for several years .