Wilocity, the leading developer of 60 GHz multi-gigabit wireless chipsets for the mobile computing, consumer electronics and peripheral markets, announced today at the Consumer Electronics Show that they are delivering the worlds first multi-gigabit wireless system based on newly completed and ratified WiGig 60 GHz standard, in mid-2012. At the conference, Wilocity will be the first company to showcase live WiGig applications in action, including home, office, and on-the-go demos of high-speed docking, gaming, networking, and high definition video that are ten times faster than existing Wi-Fi data rates.

Wilocity will be previewing live demos to the press by appointment at the Hilton Las Vegas Suite #20-121 and also at select partners meeting spaces, including Qualcomm Atheros, Azurewave, and DisplayLink. The demos will showcase applications such as wireless docking, high speed gaming, and lightning-fast file transfer. Utilizing Wilocitys WiGig/802.11ad solutions, users will be able to change the way they interact with their computing devices, as tasks that used to take minutes or hours can now be done in seconds or minutes, such as:

Transferring 1000 photos between notebooks in 5 seconds (versus ~ 1.5 minutes with 802.11n)

Downloading a single 1080p movie to a tablet in 3 minutes (versus ~ 1 hour with 802.11n)

Uploading a 2 minute HD clip from a camcorder in 3 seconds (vs. ~ 1 minute with 802.11n)

"The market for ultra high-speed communications in the home, office, and mobile settings is set to expand rapidly," said Mark Hung, Research Director of Wireless at Gartner. "As consumers and knowledge workers increasingly demand faster wireless networking for applications such as data backup and video transmission, there is a significant untapped opportunity for the computer industry to apply innovation and new technologies to address this digital onslaught."

Wilocitys technology has been recognized as an honoree at the CEA Innovations Design and Engineering Awards at the CES 2012 show.

"WiGig/802.11ad continues to build momentum as the next Wi-Fi wave, bringing unbounded capacity to any mobile platform," said Tal Tamir, CEO of Wilocity. "We are leading the charge in totally eliminating the need for cords and connectors, enabling virtually any mobile device -- such as a tablet, notebook, Ultrabook, or smart phone -- to act as a hub for high-speed connectivity and data transfer."

The companys unique Tri-band solution enables users to connect at whatever band offers the best available performance, delivering multi-gigabit data rates at 60 GHz, while maintaining compatibility with hundreds of millions of existing Wi-Fi products in the 2.4GHz or 5 GHz bands.

"Wilocity is on the verge of delivering technology that can significantly open up the wireless landscape to unprecedented capabilities and performance in entertainment, the enterprise, and the home," said Filomena Berardi, Senior Analyst at IMS Research. "Wilocity has the ingredients to kick-start WiGig as the next major breakthrough in mobile information delivery and transfer."

Technology Solution Partners at CES

Qualcomm Atheros, a recognized leader in Wi-Fi and other LAN connectivity technologies, and Wilocity have collaborated to develop Tri-band solutions aimed at enabling the next-generation wireless ecosystem. Wilocity and Qualcomm Atheros Tri-band system will allow consumers to connect to peripherals such as docks, displays and storage at multi-gigabit speeds, and enable multi-gigabit Wi-Fi at 60 GHz while maintaining "whole home" coverage.

DisplayLink, the leader in USB virtual graphics, has partnered with Wilocity to develop and showcase the multi-gigabit wireless DockingZone, which enables high definition video, blazing fast file transfer and networking, transforming thin and light platforms into full workstations without the need for wires or connectors.

Fresco Logic, a fabless chip company providing advanced solutions that deliver highly-efficient connectivity, such as USB 3.0 and PCI Express for next-generation consumer electronics, personal computing, storage and mobile devices, has partnered with Wilocity to deliver Superspeed USB wirelessly in the DockingZone.

Wilocity has partnered with the following value chain and eco system partners to shorten time to market in launching WiGig/802.11ad equipment: Askey, Azurewave, Foxconn, Inventec and USI.

Wilocity will be hosting individual live press demonstrations and briefings at the Hilton Las Vegas Suite #20-121 on January 10-12.