TranSwitch Corporation, a leading provider of semiconductor solutions in the rapidly growing consumer electronics and telecommunications markets, introduced its HDwire video interface solution. The Companys HDwire video interface solution offers the industrys fastest video interface, supporting current and next-generation, high-definition (HD) video displays. The ultra-fast HDwire panel interface ensures reliable, crystal-clear video for the highest available computer and TV display resolutions at low power consumption and low system design cost. TranSwitch is initially offering HDwire™ in licensable IP form and plans to offer ICs in the future.

The current generation of Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) TV internal interfaces operate at relatively slow speeds and require cables with a high number of wires to transmit the video signals from the video processor to the display panel controller. With the ever increasing size, resolution, refresh rates and color depth of new LCD/LED panels, the number of LVDS cables required is rapidly increasing thus driving the cost and complexity of TVs and computer monitors. TranSwitchs HDwire™ transceiver is designed to support the needs of emerging displays without the need for multiple, expensive cables and connectors.

"By leveraging our vast experience with ultra high speed video interconnect standards and close relationships with leading consumer electronics manufacturers, TranSwitch has developed the industrys fastest video interface solution to replace aging LVDS technology. HDwire™ solution offers performance at 5Gbps per link and scalability that significantly reduces the cost of cabling in High-Definition (HD) and UHD (Ultra-HD) panels compared with other solutions." Said Amir Bar-Niv, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the High Speed Interconnect Business at TranSwitch. "With the emergence of UHD content, manufacturers can utilize the blazing fast HDwire™ video interface to develop ultra-high DPI (dots per inch) monitors and television displays. By increasing the DPI, these displays will deliver video that is crisper and clearer than ever before."

According to Quarterly TV Design and Feature Report from DisplaySearch, it is estimated that about 240 million digital TVs and 270 million computer monitors will be shipped by 2014 mostly based on LVDS technology. Also, it is expected that new generation flat-panel TVs with resolutions of 4K x 2K beyond current 1080p will be launched starting by December, 2011 with high volume towards Q2, 2012. With phase out of LVDS technology by TV and monitor OEMs, HDwire™ presents new and significant addressable market and growth opportunity for TranSwitch. It is estimated that the market for high-definition panel interface solutions to exceed USD $250 million per year by 2014.

TranSwitchs new HDwire solution is a fully integrated transceiver that provides up to 12 lanes, with links speeds at 5.0 Gbps to support both 4K x 2K and 8K x 4K resolutions.

TranSwitchs HDwire Video Interface Solution Key Features:

Industry-leading performance to support current and future display resolutions

Scalable configuration for up to 12 forward data lanes

Link speed at 5.0Gbps per lane

Support 4K x 2K at 120 Hz and 8K x 4K displays

Optional reverse lane for Transporting Touch Panel, Camera, Audio and Other Data

Low power consumption

World-class quality connections to provide reliably sharp video

Low electromagnetic interface (EMI) design

Support FR4 FPCB, FFC flat cable & Unshielded Twist Pair (UTP) wires

Low system design cost

For more information, please visit TranSwitch will also offer demonstrations by appointment, at its private suite during the 2012 International CES, January 10 – 13, 2012.