Rovi  announced multiple customers that are successfully using Rovi Cloud Services to power a wide array of digital entertainment applications and devices. Rovi Cloud Services is a suite of entertainment-focused web services designed to enable the rapid development of innovative new products and applications for the connected consumer. These services, which include real-time access to Rovi data, search, and recommendations, enable customers to more easily differentiate their offerings with sophisticated capabilities that enhance the connected entertainment experience.

During the Consumer Electronics Show, Rovi is hosting a "Developer Zone" that demonstrates a number of solutions supported by Rovi Cloud Services including applications from Motorola Mobility, Roomie Remote, Logitech, Simple.TV, and others. Rovi also will be demonstrating a full complement of new and in-market Rovi solutions, including many Rovi-developed applications powered by Rovi Cloud Services, which are helping fuel the industry's transition to digital entertainment. Meetings are by appointment only, January 10-13, at Caesars Palace.

"We make the Discovr series of apps, which are Number 1 apps across the globe. When we started building Discovr Movies we searched for the best possible movie data, and we found that Rovi had very high quality data and recommendations with excellent coverage, all wrapped up in a solid API with strong technical reliability and support," said David McKinney, CEO and founder, Filter Squad. "Working with Rovi allows us to build incredible experiences for our users and to release our apps to millions of users with confidence. We're very excited to be working with such a great partner and we can't wait to keep building more applications on top of Rovi services."

Rovi data is at the core of these entertainment experiences, helping consumers connect with the content that matters most to them in an intuitive, visually rich way. With Rovi's flexible APIs, international reach, and its massive catalog of multimedia content, companies from a broad range of sizes and industries--from consumer electronics (CE) manufacturers to online, mobile, and application developers of all sizes--are using Rovi Cloud Services to achieve benefits such as expanded content discovery capabilities, enhanced customer service and faster time to market.

Rovi Cloud Services include APIs for real-time access to metadata, recommendations, and search, among others. Many of these APIs are openly made available for evaluation on the Rovi Cloud Services Developer Portal ( Rovi has seen rapid adoption of its APIs since launching the Developer Portal at CES 2011, including conversion of many developer accounts to commercial licenses.

When asked why they choose to use Rovi Cloud Services in their products and services, customers' reasons range from Rovi's ability to accelerate their time to market while reducing cost and complexity, to Rovi's unique combination of cloud-based services and extensive, international data on media content.

"Rovi Cloud Services offer a variety of powerful functionality that lets developers rapidly build creative and engaging entertainment applications, and they are using Rovi content in diverse and frequently ingenious ways," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of products, Rovi. "One reason we have launched Rovi Cloud Services and provided real-time access to our extensive, professionally-curated data catalogs and robust search and recommendations solutions is to support our customers' businesses, so they can quickly bring to market their innovative new applications. By providing flexible, robust, standards-based web services interfaces on top of our rich metadata, we believe Rovi makes it easier for developers to create applications that work across a wide variety of internet-connected platforms and devices."

Rovi has one of the world's largest collections of entertainment metadata, much of which it makes available through its public APIs,


-- More than 3.8 million TV programs

-- 500,000+ movie/video titles

-- Over 3 million album releases and 29.8 million music tracks

The products and applications being demonstrated in the Rovi Developer Zone at CES include:

-- Discovr (Filter Squad) -- Discovr Movies is the popular new movie

discovery application for Mac and iOS from Filter Squad -- developer of

Discovr Music and Discovr Apps, both Number 1 applications across the

globe with more than 1.5 million downloads to date. Discovr Movies uses

Rovi Data and Recommendations Services to provide rich information and

relevant recommendations to users.

-- List It! (CTAM)-- Through "List It!", a new Facebook application

launched in support of Movies On Demand(R) (MOD) On Cable, movie fans

can answer questions, rank, and share their Top 5 movie lists in many

different categories. "List It!" uses Rovi Cloud Services and is a

complement to the yearlong 2011 MOD marketing campaign supported by the

top U.S. cable companies and 10 major movie studios, and led by the

Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) Marketing


-- Logitech-- Logitech has teamed with Rovi to provide program information

behind its free Harmony Link App for the Logitech Harmony Link. Working

together, Harmony Link and the Harmony Link App turn a user's iPad into

the smartest remote in the house. A user can select a show from the

personalized, in-app TV listings on their iPad and tune in with one

touch. Rovi Data Service includes show synopses and images to give the

user an in-depth experience as they navigate through their entertainment


-- Motorola ATRIX 2 and DROID RAZR by Motorola -- These Android-powered

smartphones have Motorola's unique, built-in connected music player that

features an easy-to-use discovery dashboard for instant access to a

user's favorite artists, as well as personalized song, music video, and

playlist recommendations based on what is in their media library and

which tracks they play.

-- Murfie -- is an online music store listing albums for sale or

trade. It uses Rovi Data and Search Services to provide its customers

with information about the albums available for sale or trade on Murfie.

-- Niveus -- The Niveus Connected Platform is a turnkey solution to OEMs

looking to enable their PC and tablet devices with linear and on-demand

broadcast TV. Niveus is demonstrating an integration with Rovi Cloud

Services that provides rich EPG data and enhanced metadata across its

various DVR & Second Screen Experiences.

-- Roomie Remote (Cyphersoft) -- Roomie Remote controls home theater

components from the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Roomie is a universal

remote supporting thousands of devices, many via direct communication

over the user's home network rather than requiring additional hardware.

Roomie uses Rovi Cloud Services to personalize TV listings matched to a

user's setup, and provides live feedback for many devices to display

other information, like the receiver's volume.

-- Simple.TV -- Using Rovi Cloud Services for its electronic program guide

and rich metadata, Simple.TV's connected DVR enables consumers to watch,

pause and record their favorite network television from their iPad, Roku

box, Google TV, or Smart TV -- anywhere.

-- TapCast-- TapCast is a social media platform that makes television more

social and interactive via a second screen (tablet or smartphone). The

"secret sauce" in its technology uses Rovi Cloud Services to provide TV

viewers with an advanced social and interactive TV listings guide based

on their "Likes" and personal interests.

-- TViD (Audible Magic)-- Using Audible Magic's patented

digital-fingerprint automated content recognition technology, its new

Live TViD(TM) service quickly identifies a live television program a

viewer is watching and then allows application developers to create

synchronized media experiences.

"Roomie Remote brings next-generation home theater control to the masses without expensive custom tablets and programming normally associated with this space. Rovi Cloud Services provide the perfect complement, allowing Roomie to blend guide information together with control of the customer's theater components, closing the loop on the full user experience," said Will Price, CEO and founder, Cyphersoft.

The suite of Rovi Cloud Services includes:

-- Rovi Data Service - Provides real-time and up-to-date access to a

massive amount of entertainment metadata from Rovi, including

information about movies, television, music, celebrities, and other

information that can enhance and make entertainment applications more

useful and engaging for the consumer

-- Rovi Recommendations Service - Offers various recommendation types, such

as item-based, filtered, popular, new content, personalized, editorial,

community and others, helping to drive sales and consumption of

entertainment content

-- Rovi Search Service - Combines powerful algorithms, rich metadata, and a

user-centric design approach to provide more accurate and relevant

search capability with filtered, predictive and personalized results

-- Rovi Management Services -- Reserved for Rovi applications and select

third-parties, a set of user profile, device and event management APIs,

and reporting and analytics capabilities, which can be paired with the

other web services to support user personalization and a seamless

consumer experience, regardless of platform or device

-- Rovi Media Recognition Service - Enables companies to enhance their

entertainment offerings by recognizing and tagging physical and digital

media files with rich entertainment metadata

-- Rovi Advertising Service - Allows companies to monetize their connected

devices and create recurring revenue streams by serving advertising on

living room displays

Developers can register an account and apply for an API key to evaluate Rovi Cloud Services today at