NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc, a high-technology company located near Orlando, FL, has signed on with SpaceClaim Corporation to distribute SpaceClaim Engineer 3D CAD software in the Southeastern United States.

SpaceClaim Engineer utilizes a direct modeling approach, which differs from the parametric modeling approach that has dominated the industry for the past several decades. Programs such as Solidworks and Pro-Engineer require a strict adherence to hierarchical model development based upon a feature tree and model history. While this system may have some advantages, it can create difficulties editing very complex models with a long history tree. Conversely, SpaceClaim's direct modeling approach eliminates the need for a history tree, making the editing of even very complex models quick and easy.

SpaceClaim also supports interoperability between CAD platforms. With optional direct CAD importers, SpaceClaim allows users to open data files from a variety of systems, including AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Pro-Engineer & Siemens NX. Since there is no need for model history in SpaceClaim, models from any of these systems can be easily edited or combined into a common assembly. This ability is a must-have feature for any small engineering firm servicing larger clients all using different CAD platforms.

Not only can SpaceClaim work with data from virtually any other CAD system, it also provides tools for working with data from 3D scanning systems. With the ability import STL models from common 3D scanning systems, SpaceClaim allows the user to create cross-sectional views of scan data, then fit curves and sketches to facilitate true 3d solid modeling from the scanned data.

Finally, models in SpaceClaim can also be exported as STL's and sent directly to a 3D printer, such as an Objet Connex 500, in order to create a true to life prototype of the original design, thus completing the design cycle.

In addition to SpaceClaim, NeoMetrix also offers 3D scanning & 3D printing solutions from world class manufacturers such as Objet Geometries, Creaform, Steinbichler and Konica-Minolta.

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