The EIT brings together excellent higher education institutions, research centres and businesses with a view to tackling major societal challenges in an innovative way, its Knowledge and Innovation Communities and the Commission plans to set up the new KICs in two phases:

• The first wave, to be set up in 2014, will have the following themes: innovation for healthy living and active ageing (improving the quality of life and well-being of citizens of all ages); food4future (sustainable food supply chain, from farm to fork); raw materials (sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution of raw materials).

• The next wave of KICs, to be established in 2018, will focus on: added value manufacturing (developing more competitive, sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes); smart secure societies (addressing Europe's security gaps through the development and deployment of innovative ICT solutions); and urban mobility (delivering a greener, more inclusive, safer and smarter urban mobility system).

The SIA is based on a first SIA draft from the EIT Governing Board submitted to the European Commission on 15 June 2011, in conformity with the requirements of the EIT Regulation. It also builds on the results of an independent evaluation of the EIT's initial period as well as on a consultation process open to all those having a current or potential stake in the EIT's activities, including businesses, higher education institutions, and research organisations, as well as national and regional authorities.

The EIT will strongly contribute to the objectives set out in Horizon 2020, in particular by addressing societal challenges in a complementary way to other initiatives in these areas. The Commission proposal for Horizon 2020 will now be discussed by the Council and the European Parliament, with a view to adopt the proposals before the end of 2013.

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