World's first!! Production starts for Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transmission Module —Used in Hitachi Maxell's Air Voltage for iPad2—

World's first!! Production starts for Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transmission Module —Used in Hitachi Maxell's Air Voltage for iPad2—


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has begun production of the LXWS series capacitive coupling* wireless power transmission module that enables wireless recharging of tablet PCs and other mobile devices. This module provides wireless power transmission of 10 W through use of the power-sending and power-receiving set.

Market launch of the module that is used in Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.'s wireless recharging set, the Air Voltage for iPad2, is scheduled for November 25, 2011.

Background and Objectives

As smartphones and tablet PCs become more essential to our lives, these devices must be recharged more and more frequently, bringing a rising need for them to be equipped with wireless recharging functions. We have thus applied our original circuit design technologies and module manufacturing technologies to develop a capacitive coupling wireless recharging system and are working to implement its practical use.


  • Capable of wireless power transmission of 10W
  • Has removal detection and error detection functions
  • Has a high transmitting efficiency
  • Has a high level of positioning freedom that enables construction of highly convenient wireless recharging systems
  • Minimal heat is generated by the electrodes, making it is easy on the battery
  • Easily incorporated into the devices because the electrodes in the antenna are extremely thin


Tablet PCs, digital cameras, smartphones and other mobile devices, lighting fixtures, decorations, housing equipment and other wireless recharging, electrical power transmission


* Capacitive coupling system: Positioning electrodes at the power-sending and power-receiving ends, the capacitive coupling system is a method that involves transmitting energy using the electrical fields generated between these electrodes. Since the electric field is generated between the electrodes, it is also called a electric field coupling system.

Part Number

Power-transmitting module: LXWS10TTEA-014
Power-receiving module: LXWS10RTEA-015

Electrical Performance

Transmitted power: 10W
Output: 5.1V, 2.1Amax
Transmitting efficiency: 70%

(Including DC-DC convertor)


For more information on wireless power transmission module, please refer to the following URL.


This module are produced in August 2011 at Komatsu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Patenting Information

Patent: 35 pending
Design: 2 pending

About Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

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