On Tuesday, October 11th, the 35th SEMICON Europa will open its doors in Dresden. Until Thursday, more than 350 exhibitors from 20 nations will present their products at the leading trade fair of the European semiconductor industry. SEMICON Europa mainly focusses on manufacturers and suppliers of technologies, machines, equipment, components, materials and services for semiconductor production, microelectronics, microsystems technology as well as on their customers and numerous research and development companies.

After positive growth figures in the past two years, semiconductor industry is preparing for a slower but constant growth in 2012. Heinz Kundert, President of the industry association SEMI Europe: "Currently we are in a good position and I don't think there will be a crisis. Provided that we are facing no major recession." For companies in the European semiconductor industry Heinz Kundert is pressing for support from politics. "We must keep key technologies in Europe globally competitive and make sure that we have a critical mass when it comes to the production of electronics components. If more and more expertise and production migrates to the Far East, thousands of jobs are lost and our independent European production chain is at stake. Being entirely dependent on suppliers from outside of Europe involves various risks."

Taking place for the 35 th time, SEMICON Europa symbolizes reliability and consistency in an industry that is marked by extreme market and investment cycles. The trade fair has always been adapting to the changing requirements of the industry in size and design . No other industrial sector is subject to such drastic changes as the semiconductor technology. It is all about speed, costs, technological advancement and continuously changing challenges. Thus, SEMICON Europa has been an essential platform for the European semiconductor industry for the last 35 years. A marketplace that promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas, which brings together manufacturers and suppliers, determines standards and enables all participants to think outside the box. Along these lines SEMI Europe serves and supports companies in the semiconductor industry. 

Semiconductors can be found in nearly all areas of modern life. Without semiconductor technology, we would have no cellphones, no state-of-the-art cars (e-mobility), no efficient power generation via alternative energies and no industrial manufacturing. All intelligent and efficient systems in our daily life and industry are based on this technology.

More than 40 additional conferences and congresses are scheduled on the agenda at SEMICON Europa. Topics include the latest developments in semiconductor production right up to innovative lithography and lighting systems. At the same time the 7 th Global Plastic Electronics Conference is taking place, where leading companies from all over the world present their latest achievements in the fields of organic and printed electronics and photovoltaics as well as innovative displays and lighting. Application examples are cellphone displays, flat screens or novel illumination and presentation techniques.

More than 8,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to come to. SEMICON Europa. It is not only the leading trade fair of the European semiconductor industry but also the industry's trend indicator for future trends and cutting-edge developments. 

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