Advertisement ( announced today the release of its recruitment module as part of its Ancillary Product and Service Marketplace for licensees and users of the company’s HR application. Complementary to the applicant tracking component in the HR application, the recruitment module offers a powerful solution to help address recruiting challenges faced by small to mid-sized businesses.

“Many companies in the small to mid-sized business space are struggling to hire qualified job candidates in a simple, efficient, and consistent manner due to a shortage of recruiting or HR-related resources,” stated Chad Brenneman, President of the HR and Payroll Division at A 2010 survey conducted by Manpower Group, an employment services company, concluded that the percentage of employers who have had difficulties finding qualified candidates had increased by almost half since 2006. Brenneman continued, “As the economy begins to rebound, the number of companies in this segment are expected to increase hiring efforts, thus the demand for solutions to resolve recruitment issues is expected to rise as well.”

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, while there are 3.2 million unfilled job positions in the United States, 9.1 percent of the population is currently unemployed. “The recruitment module can help bridge the gap between the unemployment numbers and the number of available positions by streamlining hiring processes for those companies that are currently hiring and in need of a solution,” Brenneman added.

With the recruitment module, applicants can upload a resume or include previous work experience, quantify their level of proficiency with a multitude of skills, list references, and include compensation requirements. Administrators, recruiters, and hiring managers can easily view that applicant’s information through a summarized view. This information is then compared with the criteria required for the position in order to zero-in on the best job applicants.

“The recruitment module provides companies with the means for making better hiring decisions easier and faster than in the past. Essentially, it can help to create a more uniform recruiting process for the businesses that lack the tools and resources necessary to effectively manage recruitment initiatives,” Brenneman concluded.