Rovi Corporation announced the signing of a new multi-year licensing agreement for DivX technology with ASUS. Through the agreement, ASUS plans to integrate DivX Plus(R) HD, the premium level of DivX Certification, into its new high-end O!Play 3D Blu-ray/HD Media Players, the ASUS BDS-700 and BDS-500, which will be the first ASUS-branded 3D Blu-ray players in the market. The ASUS players further expand Rovi's broad global ecosystem: more than 500 million devices with DivX technology have shipped worldwide helping consumers to easily access and enjoy the wide range of Internet and Hollywood video entertainment that is available in the DivX format.

Recently introduced at CeBIT 2011, ASUS O!Play BDS-500 and BDS-700 are two comprehensive 3D Blu-ray/HD media player systems that enable easy-to-use HD video and audio, and offer broad format support. ASUS is including a variety of features, such as dual HDMI and USB ports, a customized, user-friendly interface, smartphone remote control, and gold-plated terminals. Both models ship with Qdeo video processing to help reduce image scatter without adversely affecting sharpness. Color and contrast are also improved and optimized for a more lifelike picture and increased viewing immersion.

"An impressive, ever-growing amount of DivX content is available throughout the world. ASUS, with its knowledge of and focus on the customer's entertainment experience, recognizes that DivX Certification is becoming a 'must-have' for Blu-ray players," said Matt Milne, senior vice president of CE sales, Rovi. "This is a wonderful opportunity for Rovi to work with a top-notch consumer electronics manufacturer to increase our traction in Asia and make it even easier for consumers to find their choice of DivX device to enjoy secure, high quality videos,

including premium content."

Whether the content is on optical disc, USB drive, or streamed wirelessly between devices over a home network using DLNA, devices certified for the DivX Plus HD profile can easily play back personal and protected Hollywood entertainment in DivX (.avi) and DivX Plus HD (.mkv) formats. DivX Plus HD certification offers stunning visual quality and supports video resolutions up to 1080p. DivX certified devices contain digital rights management technology to enable the secure playback of premium content in the DivX format, making it easy

for consumers to enjoy video entertainment across an extensive, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of consumer electronics devices. Film Fresh, the WB Shop, and Media Markt are but a few of the global online retailers offering titles in the DivX format.

ASUS's new DivX Certified 3D Blu-ray/HD media players are expected to initially launch later this month in Taiwan, followed by Europe and China.