Wide selection of high-voltage relays and contactors to manufacture charging stations -- TE Connectivity provides the right product for every need

When designing charging stations for electric vehicles, new requirements for components such as relays, connectors and cables must be taken into consideration. Relays and contactors in particular play a key role in the integrity of the design and adherence to requirements. In conjunction with other power components, relays control the charging process precisely and switch various loads on and off with no degradation. They are characterized by high durability and reliability, ensuring operational safety and longevity of the systems within the charging stations. For relays in line voltage applications, TE Connectivity offers proven solutions for power switching that have been used in industry for decades.

TE currently offers the following products for electric vehicle applications:

T9A series relay: A single-pole relay nominally rated for 30A loads (normally open (NO) contact set). It is offered in both PC board and panel mount configurations.

T92 series relay: A double-pole relay nominally rated for 30A loads (NO contact set). It is offered in both PC board and panel mount configurations.

RT series relay: The single-pole version of this relay is nominally rated for up to 16A loads (NO contact set). This PC board relay has a small footprint, occupying less than 3.7 cm2 on the board.

3100 series contactors: 1- through 4-pole devices with ratings from 20A through 120A. They are offered with several termination options. Typically larger than relays with comparable ratings, contactors are often chosen for their longer life when switching heavy duty loads.

In addition, many relays suitable for charging station applications in card readers, locking systems and in interfaces to communications systems are available.

Experience of a global company in the development and manufacture of relays

TE has decades of experience in the development and manufacture of high-performance relays for a wide variety of applications. Millions of certified relays have undergone use and testing to ensure that customers are provided with optimal support during their electric vehicle projects. TE's relay test labs in the Americas, EMEA and Asia/Pacific are certified by independent agencies. These labs facilitate testing of standard relays to customer-specific requirements which may fall outside the nominal ratings and the testing of custom modifications developed to meet a customers specific needs.