Beaverton, OR – Micro Power announced its Battery Testing Lab has exceeded 750 Maccor channels for concurrent battery testing and evaluation. With over 750 operating Maccor channels that programmatically charge or discharge an individual cell or battery pack, Micro Power is one of the largest battery testing and evaluation facilities in North America.

The computerized Maccor systems can be used for a variety of evaluation and production-related functions including evaluating new battery technology, cycling cells to determine cycle life, calibrating fuel gauges within battery packs and prequalifying battery packs prior to mission-critical deployments. Each Maccor channel can be programmed to cycle batteries at predetermined rates, and all performance information is logged during battery testing.

Micro Power has 12 individual Maccor test systems in operation, and each system supports between 64 and 128 channels each. Power handling capabilities are up to 50 Volts, and channels can support over 100 Amps of current. In addition to the Maccor test capabilities, Micro Power has numerous environmental chambers that are utilized in conjunction with the Maccor systems. This enables Micro Power to test and evaluate batteries at environmental extremes, such as – 40 to +70 degrees Celsius.

“Over the last 20 years, Micro Power has steadily grown the base of Maccor channels within its Battery Testing Lab,” said Mark Hulse, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Maccor, Inc.

“The company’s commitment to safety, reliability and longevity of the portable power systems it designs and manufactures is commendable, and its customers reap the benefits of this exhaustive testing regimen,” he continued.

Maccor, Inc. designs and manufactures fully programmable automated multiple channel secondary (rechargeable) and primary cell test systems, programmable electronics to sink and source current, Frequency Response Analyzers, Temperature Chambers and Cell Formation Equipment. Maccor equipment is used by researchers, manufacturers (production, quality control), and organizations needing to perform detailed evaluation of batteries and other energy storage devices. With equipment in operation in 40 countries around the world, Maccor has delivered more test channels than all competitors combined.

Micro Power Electronics supplies custom battery systems to the portable medical, automatic data collection, and commercial military markets. As a pioneer in the development of lithium battery systems, smart battery packs, chargers, docking stations, and power supplies, Micro Power has more than 25 years of experience developing battery solutions within its domestic and Asian production facilities. Micro Power is ISO 13485 and 9001:2008 certified.