The seventh annual GSA Semiconductor Leaders Forum Taiwan will be held at the Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

The Forum offers an impressive line-up of keynotes and featured speakers beginning with welcome remarks from Jodi Shelton, president of GSA, and Dr. Yen-Shiang Shih, minister of of Economic Affairs in Taiwan. In addition, Dr. Morris Chang, chairman and chief executive officer of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC) and Dr. Nicky Lu, who serves as chairman of GSA Board, as well as chairman and chief executive officer of Etron Technology, will introduce the following distinguished keynotes.

The opening keynote, Dr. John L. Hennessy, president of Stanford University, will address “Phones to Warehouses: A Systems View of Computing and Microprocessors for the 21st Century”, discussing the last ten years have seen two significant technology changes. First, computing is growing fastest at two ends of the spectrum: in the cloud (in massive server farms called Warehouse-Scale Computing) and in personal mobile devices. Second, energy consumption became a fundamental limit for all designs, and even more so at the two extremes. This combination, together with other key aspects of processor architecture, led to a fundamental shift from single core (uniprocessor) to multicore (multiprocessor). The importance of energy efficiency as the new measure and illustrate its importance in evaluating architectural alternatives will be discussed in Dr. Hennessy’s speech.

The second keynote presentation will be given by Dr. Chao-shiuan Liu, chairman of The General Association of Chinese Culture, addressing "The Renaissance of Chinese Culture". When the number of constituents becomes very large, the individual difference can be averaged out, and one finds similarities in the collective behaviors over a number of important functions of the system, be it an economic or a physical one. An attempt is made to analyze the changing economic system with the physical laws of thermodynamics in terms of “internal energy”, “work”, “entropy”, and “free energy”. The new idea of an ancient Chinese philosophical concept of “Wang Dao” is introduced in the discussion of how the business and economic systems proceed in the most balanced way (in equilibrium state) so that maximum work can be done. Finally, Dr. Liu will explain why the ethics need to formulate the new game rules as the world proceeds from nationalism to a global village, through the process of globalization.

The following featured topics will be presented by outstanding industry leaders: 

• Jean-Marc Chery, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, STMicroelectronics 

• “Future Challenges and Perspectives for Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing” 

• Dr. Ho-Ming Tong, General Manager of Corporate R&D & Chief R&D Officer, ASE 

• “Enriching User Experiences Through Heterogeneous Integration”

2011 platinum sponsors include ASE Group and TSMC. Co-organizers of the event are SIPO and TSIA.

Registration to the Semiconductor Leaders Forum is complimentary. Register online by October 21, 2011. For additional information, visit: