DARMSTADT, Germany -- Sept. 9, 2011 -- TE Connectivity has introduced the new HTS DIN rail adapter. This adapter can be snapped on to EN60715 rails (IEC 715), typically used in switch cabinets. In so doing, cabinet builders can mount industrial connectors directly onto a DIN rail, sometimes just referred to as mounting rail -- or TS 35 rail. The use of industrial connectors instead of modular terminal blocks can significantly simplify connecting one switch cabinet to another within the architecture of a distributed automation application. Another typical application is building wiring.

Attention to detail

The HTS DIN rail adapter was optimized keeping down-to-earth practical requirements in mind and therefore has added benefits that go beyond the basic function. Firstly, the rail adapter comes in just two sizes which suffice to cover four sizes of inserts from TE Connectivity's range of rectangular industrial connectors. As the adapter's frame consists of two parts, the smaller version can be adjusted to insert sizes 3, 4 and 6 by simply pushing the frame halves together until the appropriate click-stop position is reached. The larger version accepts size 8 multi-pole inserts which can hold up to 128 positions. With just two adapter sizes, logistics are easier and the cost of inventory can potentially be lowered without impacting short notice capabilities.

Built-in testing feature to support quick testing

Once the adapter size has been adjusted, it is snapped on a DIN rail. The terminated connector is then attached to it using four M3 screws which are secured in brass sleeves. This can be done with a standard tool. To support quality control, the adapter design includes a fulcrum: It allows the fully terminated, mounted connector to be pivoted by 100 degrees. By doing this, the cabinet builder has access to the front and rear side of the connector. Using a small probe, each position can be tested for continuity. Once the test sequence is completed, the connector is simply swiveled back in place -- and is ready for service.

Built-in locking lever is safely held in place

After the industrial connector housing has been engaged with the mounted plug, a locking lever holds the two connector halves together. The adapter's cam profile locking mechanism applies a spring load to the lever which prevents it from being accidentally operated. This added safety feature makes handling within densely packed cabinets easier. When the lever reaches its locking position, the spring load generates a tactile feedback. If the connector needs to be unmated, the locking mechanism's cam profile will help to disengage the connector halves.

Maximum flexibility

As space inside a cabinet is often at a premium, the adapter design is symmetric. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically to make the best use of the available space. The cable can be entered from any direction which is helpful if the adapter has to be mounted at the very bottom or top of a cabinet. Possible cable gauges range up to 16 mm2 (AWG 26 - 4). If an application should require it, the adapter can also be panel-mounted.

The HTS DIN rail adapter frame is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). Being essentially an industrial connector accessory, the rail adapter itself has no electrical properties. Its dimensions are in accordance with EN 60715 (IEC 715). It is now available worldwide.