SRS Labs, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRSL) announced that it has signed an agreement with Spice Mobility, an India-based mobile brand, to incorporate SRS WOW HD within their feature phones starting with the new Cappuccino model.

“Following the global demand and infatuation with mobile phones and multimedia devices, India is experiencing tremendous growth when it comes to mobile phone adoption,” said Bob Lyle, Vice President of Mobile Solutions Group for SRS Labs. “By natively equipping their products with the industry’s most trusted audio enhancement solution, Spice Mobility is giving their products an edge over the competition and is ensuring customer satisfaction through superior audio performance.”

Features of WOW HD include:

- An immersive audio experience from the device’s built-in speaker(s) or over headphones

- Notably enhanced audio fidelity from both compressed and uncompressed audio files

- An expanded three-dimensional sound field

- A distinctively natural sounding audio experience, complete with crisper mids and highs, as well as improved bass response

“As we set out to develop our latest family of mobile phones, we wanted to make sure that we offered consumers the most innovative audio technology and the best multimedia performance possible. By partnering with SRS Labs, we were easily able to accomplish both,” said Deepak Verma, Senior Marketing Manager. “In this day and age, it seems that consumers rely on their phones for multitasking particularly as full-featured media players so, by embedding our latest phones with SRS WOW HD, we can ensure that Spice Mobility customers will experience the

highest-quality multimedia performance from their devices anywhere and anytime, further solidifying our efforts to build brand loyalty and keep our customers coming back.”