DARMSTADT, Germany -- August 23, 2011 -- TE Connectivity has unveiled its new generation of the SL-156 wire-to-board crimp connector with a Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) device. The connector's new housing design extends the existing SL-156 family and is fully compatible with existing SL-156 and MTA-156 board headers, thereby eliminating the need to change the printed circuit board (PCB) of an application. New design features of the SL-156 housings with TPA help to achieve a consistent level of interconnection quality. The single-row connectors with a .156" (3.96 mm) contact pitch are available with 2 to 12 positions and are rated for up to 250 VAC and up to 10 Amps. Breakaway-style retainers add the TPA function to prevent contact back-out from the housing cavity. Polarization tabs assure that the housing and header are mated correctly.

Efficient and Economic Interconnection System

The SL-156 connector with TPA is designed to interconnect 2 to 12 discrete power lines (AWG 18 to 24 ) to a PC board. The existing product generation is widely used across a wide variety of home appliances, garage door openers and other similar products. The new SL-156 connector with TPA builds on the experience from this universal use and adds further benefits.

Integrated TPA Confirms that the Contacts are Fully Seated

SL-156 connectors with TPA are modular products that consist of housings, tin- or gold-plated terminals (contacts) and a secondary locking device. During installation, wire is crimped to a terminal and inserted into the housing cavity where it locks in place. The new housing design prevents accidental upside-down insertion of the terminal.

Once the terminal is in place, the TPA retainer is pushed into the cavity and onto the housing. The TPA retainer's locking slot slides over a locking tab on the outside of the housing and engages with a tangible click, confirming that the terminal is fully seated. The retainer will automatically push the terminal home if it is not inserted all the way. Once locked, the retainer also secures the contact from backing out under vibration. The TPA retainer comes in a 20-position strip that can be sized to fit any housing requirement.

Contact Lubrication

For added safety, the SL-156 terminals are lubricated. This helps to counter the possible formation of whiskers on tin-plated contact surfaces caused by mechanical stress and fretting corrosion. As whiskers can cause short circuits, arcing, and other potential electrical problems, lubrication is an added benefit for applications that have operating conditions known to make whisker formation more likely.

The new SL-156 connector with TPA is CSA approved and UL recognized. The housings are manufactured from UL 94-0 rated nylon and the connector can be used at operating temperatures between -55 °C and 105 °C.

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