Linear Servomotor Replaces Piezo MotorsNippon Pulse America introduces their smallest linear servomotor, the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor. The 4mm shaft diameter, a small forcer size (10mm x 10mm), a total weight of 9 grams, and strokes as long as 40mm make the 4mm Linear Shaft Motor a suitable replacement in piezo type applications.

The 4mm Linear Shaft Motor is quiet due to the absence of friction since the only mechanical contact section is the linear guide. The coreless construction of the Linear Shaft Motor totally eliminates cogging.

The Linear Shaft Motor's high motor stiffness allows it to be used in high precision positioning applications where a resolution of 0.09 nanometers is achievable. With the Linear Shaft Motor, you will find that you have virtually no fluctuation in speed.

Durable construction makes it possible to operate the Linear Shaft Motor in harsh conditions, including a vacuum situation and underwater.

Compared to other linear motors on the market, the Linear Shaft Motor is compact and lightweight. Due to its design, the Linear Shaft Motor has no backlash.

Specifications for S040D Linear Shaft Motor:

  • Continuous stall thrust - 0.5N
  • Continuous stall current - 0.4A
  • Peak thrust 2N
  • Peak current - 1.8A
  • Shaft diameter (D) 4mm (0.16in)
  • Slider length (A) 25mm (0.98in)
  • Slider width (B) 10mm (0.39in)
  • Mounting pitch (P x P1) 21.5 x 4mm
  • Mounting screw (M x l) 4-M2
  • Gap 0.5mm (0.02in)
  • Slider weight 0.01kg/F
  • Available stroke 20, 30 & 40mm
  • Magnetic pitch (N-S) 9mm (0.354in) (N-S)